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Sooo...yeah XD
That was a weird experience.
I love the graphic/art style.
It's really quite. Sometimes I felt a little bit uncomfortable X(
The music compilation is good.
The controls for a short game like that is forgivable,
But if I had to play it for like an hour, then...I don't know :/
Maybe I'm just didn't used to it.
AND...The Message! I think I understand it.
This game is about this girl, who has been left by that guy...
This game has some artistic side, what I can't really understand...
But overall...
I Think That's A Pretty Damn Good Game!

Good Job!

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Interesting game. I like its bleak black-and-white comic book. Thumbs up for quoting Haruki Murakami! The game control was a bit jerky and took some getting used to.