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Played this ages ago, and honestly, it's one of the favourites that I keep remembering. Great game (and Let The Right One In is a great movie too ;) )

An interesting game. Love the design and the music.

Very nice short game. Recommend! :) My walk-through:

Shih Ho is a creepy and deep game that have mysterious meaning behind it, but to find that meaning you need to dig deeper inside your mind 

Really neat stuff, great art style. Gave major A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night vibes. One spelling error I picked up on; when the pimp dude says "you where late on your last payment" should be "were". Nice work overall though!

Neat little indie horror. Here is my play through of it.

Guy meets girl, what could possibly go wrong... oh wait, are those fangs?

Hi! So I checked out your interesting game, and was very amazed by the concept and the layout of the game. The story is a little bit confusing in a way that I don't think it keeps to it, it kinda goes off path. It's really bizarre on the events that follow in the story; however even though it needs a few adjustment, it's a good game. Great job, hope you continue on it! :)

Hello, Kristian! I wonder - how to contact you by email?

This is an interesting game with a unique art style to it. While I feel some things in it were lost on me, I still had fun playing. Good job.